Curvas Peligrosas

Dangerous Curves: A Photographic Project of Roadside Memorials

Near Santa Fe, New Mexico October 26, 2009

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Flowers by Santa Fe

This photo was taken on the winding road that goes to the ski area outside of Santa Fe. It was in this little area that must be a bad place in the road because there were multiple descansos.


Between Todas Santos and Cabo in Baja October 21, 2009

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Descanso and yellow bus

It is not always easy to get a good shot of both the descanso and the road. I was so pleased when a yellow bus came by right at the right moment.


Between Cabos San Lucas and Todas Santos, Baja October 19, 2009

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Flowers and grill from car wreck.

This is the same descanso as the last post (provided you are seeing the one from Baja with the red flowers). This one was eerie as it was on a very dangerous section of road and included pieces of the grill from the wrecked car.


Between Cabos San Lucas and Todas Santos, Baja

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Detail of Baja descanso with the red flowers

I took this photo because of the juxtaposition of the wonderful red fake flowers against the dry, barren landscape of Baja. The next post will be of the entire descanso.


For Jesús

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Descanso for Jesus

Descanso for Jesús

This one is also on the road between Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas in Baja. I like it because I had to climb up to where the memorial was perched on a hill overlooking the beautiful Pacific ocean. What a wonderful place for rest. This is an example of a tomb or house-like boveda which contains photos, candles and personal items of the deceased–and windows with a view!


Between Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas, Baja

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Descanso for Pablo in Baja

Descanso for Pablo in Baja


This summer while we were in Cabo San Lucas, we took a little road trip up the pacific coast to the artsy town Todas Santos. Along the very curvy and hilly road there were many descansos. This one was for Pablo Soriano. Everyone wonders what the plastic container is for. Who knows but the cartakers?


Between Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico

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New Mexico09

Recently, my daughter Ally and I took a trip to check out the University of New Mexico. We were traveling north on highway 68 between Santa Fe and Taos when I (shock) pulled over to take a shot of this descanso with beautiful metal work.


Near Chimayó, New Mexico

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Desconso near Chimayo

This is one of my all time favorite descansos. I was on a trip to New Mexico with friends and saw this descanso near Chimayó .It was right around Easter and the site was decorated beyond belief and surrounded by a black fence. I also did a painting based on the photo.


Descanso: The First October 18, 2009

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Boo Descanso in New Mexico

As a Colorado resident, I have often traveled the nearby New Mexican roads on the way to Taos or Santa Fe. I had always seen the roadside memorials marking the places of tragic road accidents, but like most people I had never really stopped to take a closer look until I saw the one above. I screeched to a stop, or maybe I had to turn around, but I was captivated by the combination of frivolity and seriousness of this memorial. It said something to me of the person who had died and the loved one(s) attending to the memorial. After this one, I couldn’t pass a descanso, Spanish for resting place, without stopping to photograph the memorial and see the unending ways in which people expressed their love. See “About the Project” link for more.


Descanso for Richard in New Mexico just south of Santa Fe.